Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe - Balenciaga Knockoffs

I need your advice, should I get these shoes?

via barneys

I have been obsessing over the S/S 2011 Balenciaga cut out boots since they came out. As you may or may not know, the it-shoe of the season usually does go to Balenciaga and/or Prada and this season is no different. Not only is the price-tag out of my price range it is already unfortunately sold out. Mary-Kate Olsen has been seen in them. Fellow bloggers Fashiontoast, Katelovesme, and Jak and Jil has snapped them on their blogs.

As if Balenciaga needs the free advertising...

via solestruck

Anyway, I was looking at Jeffrey Campbell shoes for some reason and stumbled upon Solestruck (if you haven't checked them out, please do because they have the biggest selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes among other really great shoes). The Prada knockoffs caught my eye but it was the Balenciaga knockoffs, Roscoe, that did it for me. I have since then visiting the site obsessively thinking about getting them but the $300 price tag is seriously making me reconsider. I can afford it but I'm just asking if I'm willing to sacrifice (I'm planning to go to New York).

So, should I get it or not?


  1. you should try them on first because a lot of JC shoes aren't true to size plus if your going to New York there are a could of places in SOHO and around Time Square (fifth Ave) that have stores which are official JC retailers

  2. thanks for that info devyn!

    although i think im going to pass on these knockoffs since theres a unanimus decision to not buy them from trusted opinions.