Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow Part 2 Review

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If you have been remotely out in public these past few weeks you may have noticed the many Harry Potter ads proclaiming 'The End'. I personally refused to watch trailers, interviews or read reviews so I can go in with a fresh mind. It has been a long road of adventure but alas the end came this Friday ( thursday midnight for the dedicated ) as the final film of Harry Potter hit the theaters.  Many lined up, camped out, and dressed up for the occasion. For many it is the end of an era and an emotional farewell to a big part of their childhood.

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First of, I bough my tickets Thursday afternoon just in case it became to busy. I have to say I'm impressed that the theater I went to was prepared for the onslaught of audiences aching to see the film. Already though, there were people lined up - shocking, just kidding - to see the midnight screening. I never go to these because I will be too restless to fully enjoy the film. I left after that and the following day, right after work, I went straight to the theater.

I remember my first impression when I went in was my dissatisfaction of witnessing 100 people already lined up. In my head I was saying 'Aveda Kedava!'  or at least 'Petrificus Totalus!' to paralyze all that came in my way.  Fortunately for me, that was not the line I was suppose to be in. It was the regular theater and mine was 3D. I thought it was bizarre since I thought people would be willing to shell the extra cash for the finale. It was fine by me because my line consisted of a measly 10 people. The theater ended up having maybe 30 people, 50 max, and the 7pm showing probably had something to do with that. Oh and nobody came dressed up except for some girls who wore scarves. Really wanted to see the spectacle of it all.

 If you read the book, there are no surprises, just a great satisfaction of seeing the words in action. It was a roller coaster of  emotions ranging from sadness, anger, hope, excitement, to a bitter sweet ending. I don't want to get in to specifics but it really was a great movie that had great effects and acting. See it, read about it and bathe in it. It was a perfect ending to the series.

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