Some people never have enough shoes/bags/gadgets. Me? I'm a coat guy. Style wise, it's the most visible when the temperature drops and function wise, I get cold easily so the former is even more true for me. I like traditional pieces that have an updated silhouette, texture, proportion, etc. Also, it has to look sharp (read: tall and expensive-looking). Every fall, I covet a few and cry that I discipline myself so I don't end up a closet full of coats. So the next best thing is talking about my favourites this season and sharing them with you on the blog.  


I have this romantic idea how Parisian people dress and what Sandro offers is exactly what I envision them wearing. In particular these two coats. The grey one because it looks simple, feels luxe, and the leather details is just right. The second (currently sold out but reissued), is the best interpretation of a motorcycle jacket/coat hybrid I've seen. Not that I've seen many which is weird since it's badass and sophisticated at the same time.


Zara is always the best at interpreting runway trends. For a few years now, I've liked the idea of oversizedness of cocoon coats only to look short and not at all like those cool gals wearing them. The 'short military coat' looks nothing special online or in person but when tried on, it makes my aforementioned dream come true. The body is actually oversized; lapels are large and the buttons are dropped. But because the sleeves are regular size, I attain the cool without the drown. 

Club Monaco

Recently, I've liked the idea of a camel coat but I've never seen one I liked. Until now. Like the Zara military coat mentioned above, this coat is secretly special. The cut of the jacket is sharp, it's soft, the shade is just right, and underneath the lapel is a grey lining that perfectly complements the rest of the coat (it reminds me off the Margiela X H&M actually). All the little things that make this coat much better than yours.

photos via sandro, zara, clubmonaco

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