LG Fashion Week Volunteer Diary Day 4

This fourth installment will be short and sweet just like a cheesecake.
I was getting into the routine of fashion week and like I've mentioned before there's always a lost person looking at the map on the way to the venue. This time it was Omar. He's a newcomer photographer in the fashion scene and definitely has the talent and attitude to make it. Make sure you check his blog and twitter out!

Anyway, after that I just did the usual mingling and asking guest how they were. I manned the show, made sure the place stayed clean, and help backstage when needed. I did all of that with a smile on my face and a good attitude which is sometimes hard but I just continue doing what I was doing.

First look at the VAWK show
On another note, I had the pleasure of watching the VAWK show from the bleachers. It was a privelage and I appreciate it every time we get to see the shows. This is what people are here and it's nice to see what Canadian fashion has to offer firsthand.

Finale walk at VAWK
After that day four was over and I headed home to sleep. Soon it was going to be the bittersweet end of another whirlwind of a season of Toronto Fashion Week. I was looking forward to it, I wanted to get some sleep but I was sad for it to come to a close.

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