Lg Toronto Fashion Week Volunteer Diary Day 2

To say my second day experience at Toronto Fashion Week was a 360 degree difference would be an understatement. It was an eventful day and I was happy to be productive and get my hands on the fashion pavement.

Tara Gill walking in Pink Tartan
Shawn Hewson, half of the designing duo behind Bustle.
Models sitting and waiting at the make up hall.
Me working the lobby, where I was suppose to be to begin with, may have something to do with the change in my experience. I got to meet and greet people. I was surrounded by important people in the fashion industry and I was just in awe. Other volunteers didn't know them but I sure recognized faces and my face couldn't hide my excitement. For example, Derek Blasberg, a journalist and editor-at-large at style.com was there. Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, and Bustle was showing back to back so that may had had something to do with it. Speaking of back, backstage was Aaliyah Jasmine, one of the hosts of MTV, in the make up room. She was going to walk the Bustle show later that night. Anyway, for me i was VERY lucky to have seen ALL three shows. For the Bustle show I got to be backstage while the show was going on. I don't know who made the rules but after the guests were let in and seated volunteers manning the entrance got to see the show. No one stopped us so I went along and soaked everything I can from the experience.
Backstage during the Bustle show

For Bustle, the last show of the night I got to do the giftbags. Let me just say Toronto Fashion Week loots were all disappointing. I did the giftbags and all that Bustle's had was Vitamin Water, a minuscule voucher for a resort or something, and lots of tissue paper. If you're going to do a giftbag make sure you do it right or else don't do it at all because it was really embarrassing. All giftbags were not "high fashion" and quite tacky for some.

The deceivingly plush. Actually disappointing.
As for the Kelloggs situation. It didn't get better. A sponsor representative must have complained or something because Kelloggs became more prominent as we started giving out boxes of cereal and granola bars to guests. There was something silly seeing people walk out with cereal in hand and it was comedic trying to push it to the guest. I was kidding how fashionable it was since the box was sO skinny. Who says no to breakfast? For sure it wasn't me eating it. The volunteers in general were so sick of it that I for one snooped into some "VIP Food" aka food I don't think we were supposed to eat. They had sandwich plates laid out and I ate a total of five sandwiches. They had roast beef, salami, ham, turkey, and all of it was great! Even the bread was something to rave about.

For this day I tried to put myself out there and look for things to do and it paid off. This was the outlook I chose to keep for the rest of the week. I was productive, I had fun and ate better as well. I got to know my volunteer friends more and I got to see more famous people (and some pretentious ones). Speaking of, Robin Kay totally ignored me when I said hi to her as I passed her by. That's fine I can only control my own actions and I have to say I did pretty good.

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