T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Womens and Mens Review

The poncho is a key shape for Fall 2011 but the tight sleeves on this balances out the oversize fit.
 I just took a nap and woke up to this. Ive been trying to refrain from purchasing anything lately but I have a weak spot for Alexander Wang. This lookbook is fresh off the oven from style.com and I have to say I'm impressed. I haven't bought anything from the current summer collection and I think I'll have enough self control to save and wait for this fall collection. For the women's collection, there is silk, ponchos, and thick sweaters that echo his soon to be most wanted Fall 2011 collection. The return of zippers are present in pullovers as well! If you don't want to splurge on a quilted poncho that will have a one season shelf life then this is for you.  These are my choices:

 Alexander Wang started with sweaters. This thick one is both fashionable and weather appropriate

The zipper are back! This time quieter but still the focal point.
This long hoodie is Rick Owens lite. That's a good thing!

This popular silhouette from Fall 2011(right) is strikingly similar to a look in T(left)
via style
For mens, the basics are covered but since winning GQ's Best New Menswear Designer Award, Alex has stepped up his design. Denim has been introduced, as well as thicker sweaters, and quilted jackets(and pants) that was present in the women's Fall 2010 mainline but absent in T (one for the boys). I'm happy with the outcome of this collection and for the time being these are the pieces I'll be eyeing until fall:

Again, the zipper details are back! This feature stops me from  just going to American Apparel.

Wang's offering of a thick cardigan.

Introduced in S/S 2011, Wang is breaking into outerwear for mens. The leather sleeve (via denimtherapy) combo is similar to the denim/leather look from a previous seasonthat is quintessential Wang.

What's your favorite so far? Thoughts? Hit me on the comments!

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