A Lovenote To The Basic T-Shirt

I love t-shirts. It's my favourite piece of clothing and  the first thing I look at when I go to a store. If I could bring one item with me to a deserted island it would be a t-shirt ( okay, maybe a boat would be the sensible choice). I'm just really obsessed with t-shirts.

One of the reason is there is a certain ease to it. Its comfortable and effortless. There's not much thought revolved around it since you can go out with just it but have the option to build an outfit if you wanted to.

As part of the basic wardrobe its is often reimagined to fit the current trends. Solid or patterned. Sheer or chunky. Oversized or fitted. You get the idea. There's many variations but the great thing is a basic tee is always a staple not a supplement.
all photos via fashionlogie

But just like Goldilocks, it can be a challenge to find 'just right'. It is different for everyone. It's particular difficult if you don't have your style on lock and have no idea what your preference is. There's so many variations. But once you find 'just right' the pay off is exponential because you will finally have a reliable basic to go to no matter the outfit.

Stay tuned for a post on Where to Buy the Best Tees.

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