Clothes I Would Never Wear and Alternatives To Them

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Every body does it. Whether you're into fashion or not there are clothes you refuse to wear. Maybe its not your style or you don't feel comfortable in it. Take burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese who doesn't wear jeans. Trailblazer PR Powerhouse Kelly Cutrone only wears black and hell will freeze before you see her in colour. How about Karl Lagerfeld? A nice suit and sunglasses. What are the things you would never be caught wearing? For me, these are a few of my not-so favourite things to wear:.

1. Sweat Pants : I have a sick amount of hate for sweats. Don't care if it is comfortable. Its lumpy, frumpy, and it makes me want to run you over. There are other things you could wear that is comfortable. Lately, sweat pants are having a moment in fashion and designers are offering their interpretation of fashion sweat pants. Ones that supposedly make you look good but I'm not buying it or into it. I swear I could write a whole book on not wearing sweat pants.

Minus 5 with Uggs.  Minus 50 if they're velour. via mileycyrus1992

Alternative: Dress Pants, I know, are at the opposite side of the spectrum but they are comfortable to me. No I'm not talking about wool dress pants. Simple black cotton pants with some visose as the fabric and I'm good to go. Isn't the reason we wear sweat pants is because they're soft and comfy? If you don't want to wear dress pants get something with the same material that doesn't make you look like you're wearing pillows on your legs (read: it fits and not ugly).

2. Hoodies : Maybe I have some vendetta against the gym or I was an obese man in my past life but I don't like wearing hoodies either. Not as much as sweat pants but its up there. They're too casual and screams of I don't give a fuck I want to be comfortable. I scream that in my head too but I don't look like a sweater condom thinking it. Even my favorite designer Alexander Wang will not get me to wear one, even if he's all about it.

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Alternative: Sweatshirt/Cardigan are great options if you want to keep warm without wearing a jacket. I mean they're just hoodies without the hood.

3. Jeans: I don't hate them but I prefer black skinny pants on me. They're still too casual for me and denim isn't even that comfortable so why are all these sweat pants wearing people who claim sweats are comfortable wearing them?! Anyway I do have a nice pair of jeans (H&M Drain Jeans are the best and they're affordable) and my friends joke I must be having a good day if I'm wearing them.
Alternative: No personal alternatives, its a personal thing.

Maybe I'm limiting myself but I'd like to think I'm an open-minded person. I just don't like wearing these particular items of clothing which I'm sure most of you can relate to. Perhaps its a style thing and I've grown to realize this is not part of it. But who knows, someday it may be. Never say never (remember this).


  1. I, myself do I like an open mind, but I do agree with this article.

    I never got why everyone in my school wore jeans like it was the official school uniform.

    Sweat pants are comfortable but they're not as fashionable. Some people I know wear them because they don't really care for being fashionable.

  2. I agree, I would never wear sweat pants outside my home.

  3. just ick. dont understand why society makes it socially acceptable.

    damn you celebrity endorsements!

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