Boy Bands Are Back

It's official, I'm a fan of boy bands
. I don't know why I even thought they could never be - or as - relevant again; I underestimated tweens' raging hormones, deep pockets, and most importantly, a strong desire for cute boys. No wonder there's been one popping up every month, it seems.

It's not enough Backstreet Boys and NKOTB have reunited. Not even Spice Girls or Destiny's Child (can we have this decade's versions of them already) can satiate these tweens' hunger for bubblegum pop (please let that be a thing again). No, they need new ones try to be the next NSYNC and sing fun, light hearted songs - with a dash of campy - while doing cheesy choreographed dance moves that I, myself may or may not be trying to emulate.  

Check out after the jump the boy bands of the moment:

The Wanted
This British boy band have been put together since 2009 and has had success in the UK immediately. Only recently have they made the difficult cross over to North America. They've headlined for Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. Their song Glad You Came has infiltrated the radios and my head. Oh tweens, if only you knew of the sexual innuendos in the songs you're singing...

Big Time Rush
A la Hannah Montanna, Big Time Rush was formed together for a TV show of the same name since 2009. It was the highest rated show live-action seriues debut for Nickelodeon. Two seasons strong, the show has been renewed (duh) and the band has their eyes set on the music promoting their lead single Music Sounds Better With You. They recently performed in Canada with the following boy band...

One Direction
One Direction was put together as a band on the X Factor in the UK where they entered as individual contestants. They didn't win but placed third on their season on 2010. They do have the distinction of being the first UK group in history to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 with their first album, Up All Night. Yesterday they performed on SNL and their song What Makes You Beautiful is now stuck in my head.

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