Ashley and Mary Kate X Bik Bok

I may have watched this 10 times just because I'm fascinated by their mannerisms and want this lighting... #creeper

If you asked me whose style inspires me the most, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would probably slip off my tongue the easiest. Since high school, I've looked up to them (well, figuratively, they're shorter than me). To give you an idea of the extent of their influence on me and my obsessive personality, I have a collection of photos of them chronologically organized. We're talking years here people.

At first, it was straight up copying their style. They would wear, what seemed at the time then, bizarre stuff that would somehow inevitably become widespread 3-5 years later.  They were on the boho, grunge, and 90s revival before they were even referred to as those things and they wore leather pants, sheer anythings, and round glasses before they were readily available at your favourite mall store. Those things don't seem crazy now but judging from the reactions when I attempted to emulate those things around the same time they were, it wasn't understood by most.

Eventually, I realize I'm most fascinated by celebrities, public figures, etc. with a strong sense of self. For MK and Ash, it's most apparent in their attitude towards fashion (read: finding comfort in and driven by self expression) and I attempt to do that with my own.

Ever since their careers as designers took off, their style has taken a back seat. And I guess yours would  too if you have multiple lines demanding and occupying all your creativity. So I understood why Ash is wearing the same damn legging and sneakers for the umpteenth time. Also their appearances became less and less presumably because they're in studios doing designery things.

So when they went to Oslo and Stockholm to promote their collaboration with Bik Bok I was really excited for the sole reason they have to try to look good. Inspiring looks from them have been scarce for a long time - although they've been particularly good lately - that it felt like Christmas has finally arrived 2 years later.  During the promo they were wearing their collection with Bik Bok to promote the line. It's not as luxurious as what they usually wear but still, they looked at ease and like themselves. I found myself wanting to be just like them again.

source: minmote.no, olsenobsessive

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