Troy Sivan's Youth: A Sensible Way of Saying Forever

I find the word forever suspicious. Whenever someone says it, I ask/think, 'So you can tell the future?' It's not that I'm an asshole, it's just I don't trust people who are unaware of how they speak, hyperbolically or otherwise.

On Friday, Troye Sivan, my favourite new artist released his new song, an anthem called Youth (getting ready in the morning may have been prolonged as of late due to dancing to this). In it he sings in the chorus 'My youth is yours' and it's probably the most romantic thing I've heard this year. It has the promise of forever that's actually feasible and in the context of youth, a promise that's innocent and precious. Subsequently, the phrase is also adorable.

My point is, I trust Troye and admire his writing.

My other favourite line is 'What if, we're speeding through red lights...into paradise?' It's dangerously dreamy.

His new album Blue Neighbourhood comes out December 4th. :)

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