Fact: Carly Rae Jepsen Has The Summer Album Of 2015

Favourite Tracks:
Runaway With Me
Gimme Love
All That 
Your Type
L.A. Hallucinations
When I Needed You 
Favourite Colour
(Basically listen to the whole thing)

I don't know what is happening but there is a serious drought of pop albums this year. Rihanna released a single in January and then 2 and a half more songs after that but an album never materialized. Hilary Duff released one but apparently pop fans are not loyal or nostalgic (waste). I can only listen to Taylor Swift's 1989 so much guys.

When I heard Carly Rae Jepsen's album Emotion I was no longer thirsty. Do not be fooled by the lead single I Really Like You which is a very obvious attempt at Call Me Maybe 2.0 (except I think it's unique in trying to articulate the in-between feeling between like and love which I guess is by saying the word 'really' six times but I digress). Emotion is not just another pop album. Carly Rae Jepsen co-wrote all the songs (she collaborated with the likes of Dev Hynes, Sia, Vampire Weekend's Rostman Batmanglij) and took three years to create the album (a rarity in pop music) and the work shows. It's cohesive, danceable, and not trite. This is quality pop music y'all.

I'm not the only who thinks this. 

What I like most about Emotion is when Jepsen tackles conflicting subject matters and straddles between, well, emotions. In Your Type, a friend zone song essentially, she sings I love you, I'm sorry/ I'm sorry, I love you. (Follow it up with When I Needed You and it's not so tragic). It's frank and emotionally potent. Jepsen conveys a range of emotions with two phrases rearranged. It's skillful and warrants the album title Emotion.

Finally, if you like Taylor Swift's 1989 you will like this...more.

Emotion aka dance party comes out this Friday, August 21st!

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