What I Want For My Birthday

Warning: This post is narcissistic and self indulgent. This is my birthday month and people have been asking me what I want and I never really know. Apparently all I want are either really expensive or really cheap. So I've thought about it and here are birthday gifts for me ( I warned you it's narcissistic) under $100. I don't actually expect to get anything but if you do, get these:

David Robert's Girls In Sunglasses Tee, $45+S&H
If you don't know of David Robert, go check out his blog Igor+Andre and his fashion illustrations. He was one of the first bloggers I discovered and still very much a fan of his work. His piece Girls in Sunglasses is still one of my favourites and he came out with this tee a while back. I want it. Available here.

Gold Talon Bracelet on Ebay, $8+
Since Pamela Love's Talon Cuff is unjustifiably expensive (it's $1200) I've been looking around for cheaper alternatives. Moon Raven (better craftsmanship) has them and so do La Damma. But these are only $10! I was lurking Ebay and found them. It is unjustifiably cheap but it'll do (unless you want to get the MR or LD ones).

Modern Family Season 1 or 2 on Blu-Ray, $50(each)
Modern Family is one of my favooouuuurite series. It's hilarious and if you're not watching it, minus one point for you. Anyway the blu ray version came out this year for seasons 1 and 2 and I wan it. Because you know, comedy's much better when it's crystal clear. Available at HMV and stores alike.

Cheese Cake $7-25, La Rocca's Red Velvet Cake $7-25
Nothing makes me more happy than cheesecake and red velvet cake. They're my favourite desserts and possibly food. They exponentially make me happier if people surprise me with one. My whole day really; it's inexplicable. Available at Second Cup & Timothy's.

Although people it's a less romantic, thoughtful gift it's also infinitely much better since you know, I can get anything with it. Including gifts that are more than $100.

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