DVF For Gap Kids for Spring 12

Today, I skipped fashion week and still managed to get distracted     by something fashion related. While I was running errands in the mall I passed by GAP. The DVF for kids collaboration launched and the bright signage lured me in to check it out. The (immediate) initial reaction is 'Aw' and really, that's all the criteria you need for kids clothes.

Almost all of it had big prints on them in pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange. Somehow it's fashionable and very DVF but still age appropriate and adorable. 

I talked to a sales associate to inquired about the collection. She said the response has been good and that it's unfortunate it's very limited (I don't think she knew who DVF  was or the nature of typical collaborations). She also mentioned that everything was out on the floor.

So if you got a young female toddler go now.

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