Foster The People - Call It What You Want

I just survived/enjoyed, depending when you ask me, my second season attending Toronto Fashion Week. Right now, I'm relieved to get some sleep and not having to endure the daily 4 hour commute. I still do have a lot of posts I'm working on right now so it's not quite over for me yet.

For now, to entertain and distract you simultaneously here's the song I put on repeat to get me through the torturous subway rides. It was played on the runway track for Line knitwear so that collection was rad, if you ask me.

I do have to make a confession, I haven't listened to any Foster The People except the one playing on the radio. Lately, I have refused to listen to whoever the latest newcomer is. I still haven't listened to Lana Del Ray but croon 'playing video games' when I hear the song.

What I'm trying to say is Call It What You Want is good and that you should listen to it. And the music video is entertaining too. It's different from Pumped Up Kicks and if I dare say, better. It's fun to dance to and it's St. Patrick's Day so it's only fitting.

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