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 Sale season for designer goods is one of the most competitive retail environment out there. Movies have been made out of it and stories of fights ensuing for designer goods for cheap are a dime a dozen. Designer goods in limited quantities with affordable price tags has this effect on people. Because of this, being well versed in the designer sale season is crucial if you want a better chance in scoring designer goods without breaking the bank.

What Sells Fast
It's not completely inaccurate to refer to shopping as a 'competitive sport.' There is strategy, agility and a learning curve between good and great shoppers. Knowing the popularity of items and which will sell fast is is just one of many important skills in shopping. These are the medals to be won and gold is what you aim for.

In general, shoes and bags are the first to go (something that I've recently experienced). Your feet size will almost always stay the same; no matter your weight and bags only have to fit your taste. Shoes and bags also don't share the stigma that clothes do of being only worn a handful of times before you start to get bored of it or others start to notice. In short, shoes and bags get more wear and for the price tag, they better be.

Still, selling fast isn't exclusive to shoes and bags so do some research. You're want for an item may have developed to a need after seeing it multiples times on celebrity(s), streetstyle sites, and/or magazine spreads. Chances are, so have others and will also be vying to be it's rightful owner. Question is, how much do you want it?

The Retail Life Cycle
Because designer goods are highly sought after and produced in limited qualities, knowing the 'whens' of the retail world is important.

In general, items hit the floor 3 months prior to it's intended season. Spring items arrive in February and Fall items arrive in July. Strangely, by the time the actual season arrives the items then go on sale. Spring items go on sale on June and and Fall items go on sale on October.

As a rule of thumb, markdowns are made every month but not always. For example, this year sale season started early June at 30% off and two weeks in are already at 60% off. Visiting retailer's websites and following them on social media platforms are extremely important to be constantly updated on the latest reductions.

Waiting Game
Like other retail markets, not every product is highly sought after and will not require much elbow grease in your part to attain. It may be an unpopular item, a niche designer, or straight up good luck no one's bought it yet.

Another reason is a product may have a wide availability and can be found in multiple sites. If this is the case, you don't have to buy it immediately and can wait for a second/third markdown. It's a gamble. But if you know which sites carry it (and your size), you will make a better calculated risk.

One Last Advice...
There are great deals to be had during sale season but remember not to cloud your judgment with the price tags that you see. Never buy anything just because it's a great deal and never wear it. Like (love?) the items first and let the sale price be the cherry on top. Not the other way around.

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