Meeting Proenza Schouler at The Room


Last night was an exciting night for me as the fashion circuit came in full force last night at The Room to welcome the design duo of Proenza Schouler to Toronto. This was the first time I was going to one of these events and needless to say I was a bottle of emotion and not to mention hot as hell from the 30 degree heatwave. I came in fashionably early for the event and like the handful of people that was there killed time by browsing the racks of designer clothing, most notably the brand of the hour, Proenza Schouler.

The Room had on display a preview of Proenza Schouler's Fall 2011 collection and I have to say, this duo knows what they're doing. The collection has a strong sense of vision and reads cohesive. A focus and undeniable strong point of the collection is the use of textiles. It was varied but  unified, defined but versatile enough to match with the rest of your wardrobe. Forget about getting knockoffs because Jack and Lazaro are big on textiles. Up close the patterns on these garments are phenomenally intricate and a cheap duplication would not compare. The patterned (and textured) pants specifically  is a highlight and is the one piece to get if you want to get the look of the collection. Personally, I need the coats. It takes on the trend of clean lines (revitalized by Celine) but with the variety of trimmings - leather, zippers, woven patterns - applied to it makes it aesthetically Proenza Schouler and plain cool. Oh and just for kicks, The Room sprinkled the place with the classic-bag-in-the-making PS1s. Don't mind the drool stains.


Finally, when the boys of the hour (who were fashionably late doing interviews), Jack and Lazaro finally emerged on the crowd. Everyone was oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the fashion darlings and the crowd begun to surround the duo. I unfortunately did not get to chat with Jack and Lazaro but got the chance to snap pictures of them amidst the crowd. I did get close to them and that was enough for me. Everyone was proclaiming their crush (some with their mouth and some with their eyes) on the designers and the question of the night was 'Team Jack or Team Lazaro?' What I noticed was the calm, down to earth and guarded temperament they both seemed to have. - a quality that is always relieving when meeting someone wildly recognized and highly respected.

Overall, The Hudson's Bay Co had another hit on their hands as the night had a great turnout. Definitely keeping an eye for Proenza Schouler while I save up for a PS1. I also got to meet a great group of people who's not only been kind enough to welcome me to the local fashion scene of Toronto but also offer insightful advice. Shout outs to Paul, Sarah, Ryan, and Anita! And most importanlty The Hudson's Bay Co for hosting this very successful event.

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