Augustana - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

The song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac has been my song of the week this week. Literally just had this song on repeat constantly. Just a tidbit on the song, its from one of their most successful album Rumours and was their only song to hit number one in the US. Yesterday, Billboard released this video of Augustana covering the song!

Needless to say that it has been on repeat ever since.

Augustana's first album Stars and Boulevard is one of the few albums I listen to every few months or so. Best known for the song Boston (the slow version is the best), Augustana has been around the music industry for years. Other highlights from the album is 'Sunday Best' and 'California's Burning'. Augustana is back with their third self-titled album release late April this year. I'm excited and have been listening to the album. In  the meantime, listen to their addictive and infallible cover of Dreams and the classic Boston.

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