Rachel Zoe : Holt Renfrew Meet and Greet

Rachel Zoe touched down in Toronto last week to promote her debut clothing line for fall at Holt Renfrew. I was there to cover it but unfortunately, ran late and was there for 10 minutes before the event ended. From what I gathered the reception was pretty big and so much so that late comers were not able to take pictures with Rachel. I knew this already so I skipped the line and went straight to taking pictures.

As for the collection, I am impressed with the designs. There's many highlights, depending on who you are, such as fur vests, flowy dresses, and military jackets. It's a balanced collection that can be evening wear, day wear, and every day clothes. Despite Rachel being a stylist, the pieces can stand on its own and plus the price point is well done. Definitely check it and drop by Holt Renfrew!

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