Hanne Gaby Odiele

Lately, I haven't been inspired by model street style that much. Agents just tell them show off your legs and wear lots of black, a uniform that doesn't give much room for personal style. No one stands out and models as muses become debunked.

Bring in Hanne Gaby Odiele. A Belgian beauty who's style consistently goes balls to the wall.

I look at what she wears and think "That looks so cool on her but would look crazy on anyone else." Even after season's past there a few looks from her I still remember. All true signs of great personal style.

Best harness styling I've seen so far.
As of late, I'm obsessed with the genius of Hanne just wearing a sports bra-like top. Wearing wide legged pant or a long skirt, the silhouette looks new but still on trend of the 90s revival. Plus, it's completely practical for a hot summer day.


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