Kanye West and Jay Z : Watch The Throne Comes To Toronto

Jay Z and Kanye West killed it on their second night performing at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. This show could be described as the very best of the Kings of Hip Hop- It was a truly unreal two hour set. I expected to hear primarily tracks off their collaboration album, but was pleasantly surprised that Both Jay Z and Kanye perform their own songs too. From “99 Problems” to “Jesus Walks”- we heard all the hits.

This was my first time going to a concert at the ACC. When we arrived I couldn’t imagine how they were going to fill this entire concert hall for the second night in a row. But who am I to doubt Kanye and Jay? By the time the show started I couldn’t see a single empty seat.

As they performed they had videos playing in the backdrop. Most of the footage seemed to be of dangerous animals – leopards, sharks, and eagles. This dog reminded me of the Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt.

There’s been a lot of talk about Kanye’s leather skirt and leggings ensemble. It was definitely the boldest of the three looks he rocked. But he's Kanye West, he follows 0 people on twitter, he can do whatever he wants. Maybe we'll see this look from his fans soon.

The light show and pyrotechnics were insane! It was a bit of an awkward moment when the giant American flag came out, though. But hey, Canadians are known for being polite. Most people continued to cheer enthusiastically.

If I could do it again, I would have definitely shelled out the extra money to get a floor seat. There were several screens, moving platforms and crazy lights, so the show was enjoyable way up in my nosebleed seats, but you’re already paying around $130 to be on the third floor- might as well bite the bullet and go for the best seats.

The show was definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to. It was two and a half-hours of non-stop energy. And it was refreshing not having to wait through an opening band that you’re not there to see anyways. My favourite moment was Jay and Kanye ending with N*ggas in Paris. Five times (I was hoping we’d break the record six times it was played at Madison Square Garden. So close!). I could see that some people were getting a bit tired of it, but it was my personal favourite off Watch the Throne and I was getting more into it each time they played it.

Written by: Lydia Hrycko

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