Mary Katrantzou

Everyone must know of Mary Katrantzou.

She is a young up and coming designer and although she only has a few seasons under her belt, she is already making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Known for her maximalist prints, Katrantzou impressively takes obscure inspirations from things like room interiors and ingenuously creates pieces with literal references. With a background in architecture, Katrantzou's talent does not only lie in print making but also in construction. It is impressive what she is able to come up with and truly has one of the most original aesthetic to be introduced in the fashion world. I mean, who can make lamp shade skirts and metal scraps look beautiful? Katrantzou thats who.
Now check out more Katrantzou goodness after the jump:

Curtain draping as skirt? Genius. 

The 3D treatment on this skirt is just phenomenal.

 These are metal scraps made to resemble flowers. No big deal.

This is a prime example of structure and print coming together so well. The bubble skirt just makes the underwater print dimensional and come alive.
 I just love the prints for F/W 2011 collection. It reminds me of art nouveau, Russian dolls, and fine china.

Conceptually having a lamp shade skirt with a koi fish bowl may have sounded strange but with Katrantzou's hands its also something beautiful.

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