A New Year is upon us and every one is reflecting back on the past year (and I am no exception). I feel like this year for me has been different from the other years. There has been many new beginnings (such as this blog which you should check out more because its amazing but I digress...) from which great things are to come and I cannot be more excited of what's in the future.

People say all the time 'Where did the time go?' but one of the lessons I've learned is that no matter how great or terrible you are feeling it is important to fully live in that moment. So don't wish for the weekend to come faster and when it finally is the weekend, enjoy the people you spend it with fully. Looking back at my year, the time has been bountiful of adventures and memories.

Here are some photos from this year and you can fill in the story. This is for all those have been part of my 2011. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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