Proenza Schouler Fall 12 Review

Someone said once that people who have the best style are usually the ones who take inspiration from different places and put it all together as their personal style. Same can be said with Proenza Schouler's collection for Fall 12 which was inspired by Jack and Lazaro's trip to Nepal and Bhutan. The fabrication was oriental with a the vibe that was all American. Sporty American. A balance between the two only the design duo can that makes this another stellar collection.

The show opened with a white over-sized moto/peacoat hybrid jacket that not only zipped vertically, resembling a kimono, but was also asymmetrical. This cut continued on through the rest of the collection from skirts to dresses that felt eastern as much as it felt western. The dual reference could also be seen in traditional American garments like track jackets and sweatshirts that had oriental prints and skirts that were basket woven resembling protective samurai gear. And vice versa for the customary oriental separates that somehow looked appropriate enough to be worn at a drag race. (The standout for me was the ultramarine jacket that resembled a sporty Asian warrior armour) Like Project Runway's Tim Gunn advices, "Don't make it too literal" is what makes all of it work.

Jack and Lazaro didn't get lost in the inspiration either. The oversized and slouchy silhouettes are still in the spirit of what the duo is known for. The cool downtown girl but in new fabrications and cuts. There's a variety of sweater/skirt combos that are quintessential Proenza Schouler and beyond the theme of east meets west offers another best of both world: comfort and luxe.

This collection is a departure from what Jack and Lazaro have been doing for the past few seasons. It's tougher. It felt futuristic and the first few looks of white showed a sterile side to Proenza that we have not seen before.

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