How To Shop Designer Collaborations

Every year it happens: you line up for a designer collaboration hoping to get your hands on that item you just need.
But hundreds will also do the same thing. Some will win and some will lose. Having done this a few times now, I'm well versed on how to increase the chances of you leaving with a happy face and a shopping bag(s) at hand. Here's a list of things to do to have a successful designer collaboration shopping experience.

1. Get there early. The first collaboration I ever went to I arrived when the store opened. Stupid move since people have been lined up for hours outside. Don't make the same mistake. I don't know where you are, but here in Toronto I find getting in line 3 hours prior to the store opening will get you a decent spot. I can't emphasize enough the importance of arriving early. It's half the battle.

2. Make a list. Before you get in line, it's important to do your homework. Look at the collection online one last time and make a list of the pieces you want. You'll be surprised how impulsive you can be when you've stayed up all night. Divide your list in to two: pieces you really want and pieces that would be nice to have. This way you have a system on which items to go for first and avoid making erratic decisions.

3. Grab more. Think Less. With designer collaborations, it is complete hysteria. There is no personal space and manners are out the window as people push through to get to the damn pieces they want. So when you get to a rack or a shelf, grab all the pieces you have even the slightest desire for. If you're desperate skip looking for a size and grab a couple of the same styles. Once you're satisfied with your loot, get out of the crowd and head to another area of the store to try on things. What's good about having too much loot is you'll have something to barter with if you didn't get a style or size you want.   

4. Dress appropriately. Not only for the weather but for convenience once you're in and have a load of clothes to try on. You want to be able to just put it over your clothes and not have anything protrude. Yes there are change rooms but this is for better efficiency. Do you want to be standing in line waiting instead of shopping? Ladies, wear tights and a simple top - preferably black - that's fitted. Men wear t-shirt and jeans. Understand that this isn't the time to dress to the nines. Do that after.

5. Bring Friends. With only two hands, you can only carry so much and there's no guaranteed you'll get the pieces you want Designer collaborations are a war zone of sorts and having a team helps a handful (sorry for the pun). Outside, you can take turns going to the bathroom/ getting food/ staying warm. Inside, you can divide and conquer. On top of having a more successful outing, it makes the experience more bearable, if not even fun - and a tad bit sadistic. 

Do you have your own tips and tricks with collaborations? Hit me up on the comment box and share.

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