Marni Pre Shop Event + Haul

Last night I got to attend the Marni pre-shop which meant I was spared some sleep and avoided having to stand outside for hours in the cold. It's the first time they've done this for a collaboration and I can't tell you how much I appreciated this. I got there 15 minutes prior to the store opening and already about 40+ people were in line.

It sold out fast needless to say. Especially the women's where the accessories were the first to go.The men's on the other hand did not sell as well.  While I was there, tote bags were untouched and the cashmere sweater was a hard sell at $129. Also noticeably, not everything from the collection was not at the pre-shop (eg. the black flower necklace) so that was maybe a small disadvantage but a fair trade off, I think. Fortunately for me I got everything I wanted (using my own tips) so I was a happy camper.

What's even better is I was shopping along side fellow bloggers but also PR people and editors. It was strange but entertaining at the same time to see fashion people move so frantically and be in a hectic environment. It was definitely a cherry on top for this experience.


On to the haul...

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