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So you've read How To Shop: New Arrivals now let me share with you how to get great deals. If you shop long enough (or work at retail), you'll start to be able to follow the retail cycle. Each season has a 6 month life span. Since items come in 2-3 months in advance they go on sale half way through when it's the actual season. Hence why it's called the mid-season sale.

But a bit of advice when shopping a sale. Shop as carefully as you would if you were buying full price. Just seeing/hearing the word itself can trigger our bat-shit tendencies. GET IT TOGETHER. They're deliberately disorganized and packed to get in to hunting mode. They're also strategically placed at the back of the store so by the time you reach it, you've already been enticed by full priced products. Ultimately, buy something you love. Discount are just the cherry on top.

Here are the months you want to go visit your favourite stores for a fresh batch of sale items:

For mass retailers like H&M...

Spring: April
Summer: August
Fall/Winter: November (Do your Christmas shopping early!)

For contemporary retailers like Saks...

Cliffhanger! You'll have to stay tuned for the next segment How To Shop: Buy Your First Designer

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