Martin Margiela X H&M Lookbook

I apologize (eh, not really) that this collaboration has infiltrated the blog. There's something about the H&M collaborations that brings out the fanboy in me. Here we have is the freshly leaked lookbook shots. Gone are the white backgrounds and the photoshop, if there is any, is unnoticeable. I like it not only because I prefer these increasingly popular style of shooting a lookbook but also because it compliments the aesthetic of the collection. As I've expressed on my previous post, I'm concerned about how appealing this would be to the average H&M customer. In these shots however the conceptual designs looks grounded and dare I say it, approachable? That oversize peacoat for example not only looks cool but also sensible.

As a giant cherry on top, we are seeing many of these looks for the first time. Check out the rest after the jump:



  1. This is sweet! Definitely looks like the most expensive H&M collab so far. I love how they've just reworked pieces from older collections, but it would suck to have paid hundreds more for the originals. I hope there are more mens stuff, and I really hope there are some good accessories... I also hope I get invited to the pre-shop again! (invite me if you do!)

  2. ...but yeah I unfortunately don't think it will sell all that well - at least, not in Toronto.