Margiela With H&M Pre Shop

It was cold, so I dressed homeless.
After months of anticipation and being an Internet ninja, #MargielawithHM finally launched. Luckily for me, I was invited to the presale slash launch party last night. First, I got to sleep and lined up considerably less, so thanks H&M. Second, those cheesecake pops and lobster tacos were really good. 

Still, shitstorm is the name of the game. After waiting outside for an hour, we were let in to enjoy some h'orderves and bubbly before heading upstairs to shop. Unfortunately, rabid fashionistas, alcohol, and a highly anticipated collection is not a good mix. Someone dropped their glass before we got to go upstairs; a server spilled a beverage on customers including my friend's pants; Later, I overheard the same server freaking out about someone threatening to tweet an incident. Glass dropping inadvertently became the art installation (a la New York event) that occurred many times that night. I partcipated and I wasn't even drunk. Fortunately there were no blood shed in this war zone. 

There were tears of sadness and disappointment. This collection in particular seemed catered to fashion people and these pre shop was (duh) full of it. That candy clutch everyone wanted? Taken all by jerk 1 and jerk 2 to presumably eBay within minutes. My friend didn't get the oversized turtle neck she wanted. There was confusion and people cut the line that went around the escalator to the collection. There was the usual pushing and shoving while looking for items and losing friends along the way. Boxes were opened frantically and hangers were being snatched faster than you can say Maison Martin Margielaaaaa.

On a good note, we are in Canada and people are nice. I met people in line and we decided to team up. We divided and conquered mostly (screw you candy clutch hoarders). The H&M staff was friendly and patient and so were the catering people. They kept making me eat my feelings and they didn't judge us fashion crazed people. 

 It was insanity but it had a happy ending. I got the deconstructed leather jacket I wanted and it's more special than a 250$ jacket should be. It's formidable. As we speak, my arms are feeling the aftermath of hauling three sizes of these badassness around. Also, I got the keychain necklace. 

From what I heard from friends and social media, there wasn't a large reception for the launch. How was your experience? I'm very curious so share and comment below.

P.S. Not a lot of photos of the mayhem because mayhem.

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