H&M Collaboration Predictions

Every year it happens. Before the dust settles on the latest H&M designer collaboration - for this instance Margiela - the rumour mill has already started on who will be next in line. Typically, rumours this early turn out to be untrue. Just last week, the Givenchy rumour that run rampant was shut down by a statement from Givenchy. As much as I love this idea, Givenchy (presumably) doesn't need the money or exposure that makes these collaboration enticing for fashion houses. They sell out $500+ tees easy, thank you very much. If anything, H&M has just started contacting and courting potential collaborators. Here's a shortlist of who might take a bite.

Alexander Wang
It's kind of unbelievable that H&M has yet to collaborate with a New York designer but if I had my pick, it would be Alexander Wang. As of recent, Wang's mainline have started to become more luxe and his diffusion line has followed suit. It wouldn't be a surprise if he chooses to collaborate with H&M for the exposure and the money. Wang's career has been going at light speed and a collaboration like this can help him keep up with the pace.

P.S. I wrote this before his appointment at Balenciaga. That might change things; just maybe...

John Galliano
Ah, the fallen one.  It's been more than a year since Galliano has been fired at Dior after that scandal and he's kept a low profile since. His career has taken a hit and a collaboration could be the thing to kickstart his road to redemption. It would be the right kind of attention and for a showman like Galliano, can he resist an audience as big as H&M's? If the people are ready to forgive and forget...

Hedi Slimane's short time at YSL has already been full of shockers. First, that he actually took the job after being gone for five years. Second, the drastic decision to drop the Yves in the iconic Yves Saint Laurent. Could a collaboration be in Slimane's unpredictable hand? The company has expressed their interest to attract a younger demographic and if H&M plays its cards right, this could be Slimane's next big move.

photos (from top to bottom) via fashionista, thecut, styleite, littlefashionisto

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