Chanel F/W 14

I'm not really a fan of Chanel. Every show always has a theme (e.g. rodeo, art) and instead of innovating and reimagining our concepts of these themes and make it feel inspiring and/or revitalize, it's been stereotypical and rudimentary. And sometimes offensive.Put a double c here, use tweed fabric there, place a camellia here... like, I see you Karl. It's lazy and it gets old fast.

 For today's show however, F/W 14, this concept worked. Lagerfeld erected a Chanel Shopping Center a.k.a. a grocery store. This resonates personally because a) I am as obsessed with food as it is a necessity and b) there is a running joke when I question purchasing an article of clothing, say a sun hat or gold pants (true story), of where I would wear it and my unsure go-to answer is 'The grocery store?' And it works because there is no grocery uniform; you can wear what you wore to bed (guilty) or wear last night's clothes (also guilty). It doesn't offend with reappropriation and by placing Chanel codes on ordinary items like doormats and water bottles, it doesn't feel lazy, it feels elevated. I wouldn't mind if my grocery was filled with Chanel-clad customers  and everything was en francais (okay maybe not: I love the language, it hates me). The contrast is also humorous. Chanel bags wrapped like meat in cellophane and mini-baskets to put said Chanel bags? Funny.

And I guess the clothes were alright too.

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