Elly Smallwood: Bare

Two years ago, my life changed forever. Well, it got more beautiful. I met Elly, an artist whose work got a reaction from me and who I then became friends with. Her work is mostly of face paintings (some bodies). So if you like selfies as much as I do, you will like this. Last weekend, I got to attend her first solo exhibit entitled Bare. It was beautiful.
"Bare is my attempt to strip faces of their pretence, to strip them down to moments of raw emotion. The surface of the paintings is similarly stripped; under-paintings are left unfinished, rough sketches overlay the paint and faces are cropped in close. These aren’t carefully posed subjects, each one is laid bare at their most vulnerable. They aren’t painted with careful precision, but with raw abandon."

If you have time, check it out. The exhibit is only up until February 23rd at Goodfellas Gallery.

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