Alexander Wang Fall 14

Alexander Wang is one of my favourite designers for a number of reasons. Ultimately, it's because I like his brand of cool. It feels relevant to me - and evidently, to a large group of people - that it's a fantasy world far enough to be dreamy but close enough to be something aspirational. It's why every season I look forward to his show like it's Christmas.

One of the coolest things however is when we're somehow in the same headspace and he sends out something I've been thinking about/feeling. Last time, I was growing out my hair and he showed jackets and tops with slits for your hair. It's strange and exciting at the same time like when someone finishes your sentence. How did you read my mind???
Me and my minions.
I was looking at backstage photos prior to the Fall 14 show last night and was shocked to see bleached eyebrows. This is nothing new however, I had just bleached my brows the day before and posted a photo on Instagram with the caption 'We're taking over the world one eyebrow at a time.' Apparently, the Alexander Wang show is a good place to start my invasion.

I joked to a friend I can't show emotions for the next two weeks (I was referencing Fiona from Cinderella Story because Hilary Duff forever) and I suggested I wear a mood ring equivalent for eyebrows. So when I saw the finale, something Wang is quickly becoming famous for, of thermochromic pieces I thought 'woah' and 'can I get that fabric for my eyebrows stat?'  
I've also been thinking/revisiting the idea of neon. 'Fashion is always wild when the world is dark' I read somewhere as to why neon was so big two years ago during the recession. Then I read what Cathy Horyn wrote on Amy Spindler's obituary: 'Fashion [is] a cultural barometer'. That quote single-handedly explained to me the importance and significance of art. Last season was so insignificant that I read into it that the economy is recovering and people are rebuilding and want something safe and a sure-thing (also explains the resurgence of minimalism). And maybe it's why I'm thinking about neon. I've been looking at this neon coat at Topshop for the last two months and I've been apprehensive to get it. But seeing Alexander Wang showcase dashes of neon last night, I got the message loud, clear, and bright.

Finally, one of the things I love about Wang is the irony and humour in his designs. Say, fur sunglasses or silk jogging pants. Fall 14's collection showed coats with pencil holders and a variety of pockets. I've recently discovered Kate Spade's Saturday line and in particular fascinated with their inside-out-pocket tote bags. Again, funny but also maybe, functional(?). At Alexander Wang however the joke is these features are typically found on urban apparels such as camping vests or safari jackets but instead they're on pea coats.

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