Bob's Burgers

I'm always looking forward to when a new comedy cartoon show premieres. First with American Dad and then the Cleveland Show. Now, we have Bob's Burgers. Usually it takes awhile to get the comedic sense of each show but not with Bob's Burgers. I wasn't expecting it to be so funny that I would actually laugh out loud but I did. Each character have their own witty persona and the dynamic between them really makes the show. You can definitely see a mix of Bob and Linda's (his wife) personality in each of their children.

The first episode aired yesterday and I watched it twice. The restaurant was launching and the health inspector was coming because there was a rumor started that they use human flesh in their burgers. Hilarity ensues: The child molester burger special, a coffin being opened as a gift, and an itchy crotch is just some of the jokes. I have high hopes and really looking forward to the next episode.

P.s Family Guy explained how the giant chicken came to be!

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