Club Monaco - Down Snorkel Jacket

So I've decide to buy a new winter jacket. I've been eyeing this particular jacket from Club Monaco since it came out and now that its marked down it was time to take the 300$ plunge. Not only that Club Monaco is having an additional 30% off sale items so I'm saving even more! Unfortunately, stock is low and I have to get it from a place far away from me. Hopefully, I get it anyway because I have a feeling this winter is about to get worse.

UPDATE: I did get the jacket. i didnt have to go far for it. The sales associate told me that (i guess there system is inaccurate) but i called the next store closest to me and they had one left and it was my size. It gets even better the markdown was even lower than I thought so i had the jacket for 70% off. Less than $200 for a down jacket from  a reputable brand? Suck it Canada Goose. The only downside was even though it was XS it fit like a Medium. So I'm drowning in it but its okay its winter and its doing a great job keeping me warm in this -20 celsius temperature.

Does anyone want photos of it?


  1. any thoughts on the black lamb fur ruff on the hood? i got the snorkel too, but am hesitant about what seems to be a distinctly feminine element, especially because it's so luscious.

  2. I don't think it is a feminine design nor does it look feminine. It's a regular fur and the fact that it's black downplays this feature of the jacket even more. Althiugh its real fur i have to say Ive seen better fur but definitely keep it. It's main purpose is to keep you warm and this does a fantastic job doing that.

    Thanks for asking. If you have any more inquiries feel free to ask!