Never Let Me Go

Today was really cold (-25 degrees celsius) making it a perfect day to stay in and watch a movie. I decided to see Never Let Me Go after hearing good things about it and the fact that rising stars Carey Mulligan (An Education) and Andrew Garfield (soon to be Spiderman) are starring in it - along with Keira Knightley. Its a triad of British talent that doesn't disappoint.

The movie is set in an alternate world where people have clones and they are raised to become adults and start donating their organs 3-4 times until completion (aka die). Its a magnificent concept and a terrifyingly plausible reality. I don't want to ruin everything for you but it truly is heartbreaking and really questions the definition of humanity. Who  deserves respect and dignity? Is it justifiable and is it okay to sacrifice our ethics for the "bigger picture".

If you want to watch something that discusses the value of life then this movie is for you.

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