Vivienne Westwood's London Documentary Review

Yesterday I was watching TV and it was horrible except for the show I watched. There was a special documentary called Vivienne Westwood's London and it was more than I was expecting. It was done by Fashion Television and I expected it to be about Westwood's perpspective on London fashion and about her designs.

Instead, it was about culture and art. It was inspiring and it really opened my eyes to London's culture and the social issues we face. Westwood  encouraged viewers to appreciate art and to absorb culture in order to gain respect for the past and to ensure the certainty of the future. It shed light on many things and I appreciate Vivienne Westwood not only as a designer but as a person who lives with meaning and reflects that in what she does, design.

It wasn't only a commentary on society though it was also a tour of London and the rich history it has to offer. I now want to plan a trip and experience the galleries and museums and everything else for myself!


  1. Where can I watch this documentary?

  2. It was filmed by FashionTelevision in Canada. I dont really know who owns the rights to it and where/when else itll be shown again.

    Its worth finding. its a great watch.