Alexander Wang - Fan-ism and Brand Review

I'm a big fan of Alexander Wang. His designs are just a bit on the wayside of normal making the contemporary price point justifiable. I have to admit its not the best quality most times, especially the T line. Necklines are too wide and the materials pill like crazy even after one wear. I refuse to put it in the wash because I think its not going to hold its shape so either way the garments life span is doomed to be short. Regardless I'm still drawn to the reliability of the garments being just "right"(read: youthful, cool, and effortless) and check every collection religiously too see if there is a design I'll covet.

The mainline on the other hand is more innovative, although some argue that description. You can't fault someone for "copying" when everything's been invented. Still, his designs are a re-imagination of a classic garment. It may be the way its cut, an unexpected choice of fabric, and unique hardware (famously zippers and studs). Or maybe a winning combination of all those things. Although others can be described the same way part of his success is the price point he is able to sell his unique designs. His family helps and handles production and manufacturing his products. Because he can sell for a lower price the designs you see on the runway are seen on the streets being worn by "regular" people and doesn't become this unattainable clothes worn by the elite. The fact that it-celebrities and models off-duty are seen wearing his clothes doesn't hurt his 20-something demographic's decision making either.


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