Blue Valentine Review


Yesterday, I finally got to watch a movie in the theatres again after not being able to do so for 3 weeks. I watched Blue Valentine with a bunch of friends and I have to say I was really impressed....

First of all if you haven't heard of this movie this movie had controversy about its rating due to the sex scenes in the film. Yes there was quite a few of it but it was justified in the story line. It shouldn't overpower what the movie is about which  falling in and out of love and the performance of Ryan Gosling and Michelle William that make it so believable. It was raw and felt like a documentary almost. The slow pace is refreshing in comparison to how movies are told nowadays. Its not quick and to the punch. It really felt like you were next to them just as involved in the lengthy conversation as they are because it was complete and not cut and unedited. This movie trusts the viewer to stay attentive and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a change in phase. Not only that, the movie has a poignant story that interlace the past of young love and its inevitability to the challenges of balancing two lives. Its romantic and funny but its not a rom-com. Also, if you enjoyed, 500 Days of Summer, you'll enjoy this darker and more raw version of that.


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