Two Obscure Things I Have in Common With Megan Fox

I don't know about anyone else but sometimes my obsession can take in a form of a celebrity. No it's not quite a Bieber fever but I guess you can say the symptoms are similar. My celebrity obsession is enough to make me purchase anything related to the celebrity and I will read article after article about them. If that wasn't enough I will watch an endless amount of videos of them as well to observe how they carry themselves. By the end of it I know almost every detail to them and feel like I know them (or what their public persona is I suppose). It usually lasts a few months and I guess at this point its debatable if its worse than a Bieber fever or not. Alas, as with every sickness/obsession it passes. You ask the question: Why are they so fascinating? What is it that makes them so captivating that they kept your attention for months at a time? This is the sickness I can have and not too long ago I had the case of Megan Fox.

I don't know what it was. Maybe it was her beauty or the media flurry that surrounded her. Maybe it was the mixture of things that made her who she is. Megan Fox was refreshing, she polarized people. She had a beauty often compared to Angeline Jolie and rumors of plastic surgery accusations following her. Her mouth often got her in trouble with the media and would become tabloid gold with her quotes/misquotes. I think that was what sparked an interest in her. Here's a beautiful lady being condemned for what she said and I wanted to know if it was justifiable. It wasn't. The media is a powerful thing able to shape you into whatever they want you to be. They will use photos, videos, and quotes from you and put them out of context which inaccurately depicts who you are as a person. For that there is no judgment from me for Megan because ultimately I do not know who she is.

Instead there is a very short list of bizarre things I found I had in common with her:

1. She's addicted to watching infomercials: I can sit and watch it all day long. I guess I'm fascinated by people selling me stuff I may or may not need because they do things that could potentially change my life, which it probably won't.

2. She closes the toilet seat cover in fear of bacteria swirling around from the force of the water. I started doing this because I heard it on a show which I now don't remember. Who knows if its true but maybe Megan Fox and I were watching the same thing.

Have you found out about an obscure thing you have in common with a famous person?



  1. Number 2 is quite true. A toilet flush does release bacteria and "experts" say toothbrushes should be in their own containers to not be contaminated by bacteria. However, I've never died of a contaminated toothbrush.

    That editorial with M. Fox with her doll self was pretty interesting in my opinion. -points at picture used-

    Hmm, for me, I don't obsess over celebs. In my opinions, they're just actors ,but I do like Lady G for her style and her messages in her songs. I don't follow her intensely, though.

  2. i thought the toilet think made sense. there is such a thing as airborne germs right?

    this interview magazine editorial is one of the only spreads where shes not portrayed as a sex kitten/vixen. cool concept too.

    to follow all of lady gaga's moves would be an intense addiction and i dont think i would be that committed. shes great though.