Oscar Anticipation

The Oscars is this Sunday and I for one am looking forward to it. What I like about the Oscars is its one of the only remaining award shows that has legitimacy. It's still about celebrating the art and honoring people who excel in their craft and not about popularity and vanity of current Hollywood. Its great that there's tween sensation movies such as Twilight and big blow up movies like Transformers but sometimes its nice to enjoy something of quality. Whether it be fine acting, great writing, or any other parts of movie making being made with the best effort in mind. With that said, here's my thoughts on the nominations:

The critic  favorite and with the most nominations, King's Speech was interesting and definitely made the idea of a royalty struggling with stuttering a sympathetic and compelling thanks to the story telling of Tom Hooper and David Seidler and of course the lead's performance, Colin Firth. And definitely do not forget about Geoffrey Rush who's up for Best Supporting Actor and who created this vital but anonnymous man from minimal data.

Black Swan was another memorable one. I feel that it was able to meet the challenge of being critically and commercially successful and that it is a feat difficult to meet. The movie and Natalie Portman's performance was so psychotic and as an audience, immerse yourself in this unbelievable world of horror ballet. Mila Kunis should have been nominated but there really was a lot of good supporting roles this year. I can't stop thinking of Meg in Family Guy when I hear her though.

Speaking of horror,the intensity that is 127 Hours is deserving of its nominations. Unfortunately, I just don't think it has the support that The Social Network and King's Speech has. That shouldn't deter anyone from watching it though. It's an emotional adventure not a physical one for James Franco's character, Aron, who stays stationary for the duration of the movie thanks to the his arm being stuck crushed by a rock. You really feel like you're there for 127 hours and it will definitely make you appreciate life more.

As I've mentioned, The Social Network is another favorite. I thought it wasn't great but it wasn't bad and maybe I'll have to watch it again. The writing is undeniable though due to Aaron Sorkin who's also responsible for West Wing's smart dialogue. Its a significant thing, especially for this movie, because this movie is about Facebook and it had the potential. Fortunately, the three way war between acquaintances and best friends as a product of the success of Facebook makes for interesting characters and a layered story.  

Finally, my childhood: Toy Story 3. This is Pixar's highest grossing surpassing another classic Finding Nemo. Pixar is trying to make history and push for an animation film for Best Picture and not settle for Best Animation as they did last year with Up. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to happen. Although, Toy Story is another top quality animation film from Pixar. Not only does it stand alone but it does justice to the series. 

Like I said, I haven't seen all the nominated movies but I can't wait to. Personally, I will see The Fighter, The Kids are Alright, and Inception. There are also other movies not nominated for best film as well as the short films and foreign films. I'm looking forward to Anne Hathaway and James Franco take hosting duty as well. Anyway I'll be tuning in on Sunday night and see how the night will unfold.

How about you? What are you looking forward to see? The winners, the fashion, or maybe a thing that happens that everyone talks about the next day? Lemme know!


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