Rachel Zoe Project

I just recently started watching this show and its insane! From Rachel's catch phrases to Brad's outfits (including women's clothes), to Taylor's short temper. This show is reality TV gold. As superficial and dramatic they all seem to be they actually do a good job being stylists. Plus, its suppose to be fun. Its entertaining to see how it all goes down at the Zoe camp.

If you're a fashion person or need a laugh watch it.

Oh and by the way season 4 is going down this August September and I'll hopefully finish the rest of the series by then. Can't wait!

Check out after the jump for a parody of Rachel!


  1. I watched the 1st 2 seasons but dropped after a few episodes into the 3rd season. Rachel is a good stylist, but I dislike how she acts. It's entertaining, but how does one not fire someone like Taylor? I get she's good, but her behavior is something no boss would want.

    Brad is funny, though.

  2. She does need to be more firm and delegate better but she seems to be a nice person and doesn't wanna hurt people's feelings.

    its a fine balance.