Jenna Marbles

First of, I'm not really a "Youtube person" who watches cat videos, make up tutorials, and see people hurt themselves. I do occasionally watch viral videos and recently this. But one exception to this is Jenna Marbles. I stumbled upon a video of her (which the topic of is something everyone can benefit from) on my facebook homepage and became an instant fan.

Check out How to Trick People To Thinking You're Pretty after the jump!

With her Macbook she makes funny videos. She spoofs famous people like Gaga and Justin Bieber and makes fun of topics like What Boys/Girls Do On The Internet and a personal favorite How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Pretty(above). She also takes in suggestions so if you wanna see her do something  > Insert Joke Here < then just message her. If you need a laugh check this girl out she's like SNL-lite. And as a cherry on top she has two aloof dogs for sidekicks, Kermit and Mr. Marbles.

I might not watch cat videos but I anticipate her videos every Wednesday. And so should you.

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