Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced

Happy Tuesday to me: a new Pokemon game has been announced! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be the latest addition to the uber popular line of Pokemon games. The news was announced via simulcast online on a special Nintendo Direct, Pokemon Direct by Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata "The Pokemon series have evolved along with new Nintendo handheld systems over history, and has expanded the range of it's gameplay. Now 2 completely new games in the Pokemon series will be introduced in the Nintendo 3DS."

The biggest change in the latest iteration of the Pokemon series is, for the first time, it will be 3D. It's an expected change and also one that could have been introduced much earlier in the series; Pokemon Black and White was released only weeks after Nintendo 3DS. This is the dimension Pokemon always belonged too and judging from the tiny preview, it'll be worth the wait.

Also worth noting, despite the daunting task of animating hundreds of Pokemon and a new world in 3D, this is one of the faster reboots of the Pokemon series. The Pokemon White and Black era only lasted two years, a short life span compared to other games in the series. Pokemon X and Y will have a new batch of Pokemon to catch and most likely, a new world to explore and discover. 

Another first is that the release date will be on the same month worldwide. "The Pokemon titles in the past have been released in other countries months after it's initial release in Japan due to the need to localize the games to meet the individual needs for games in various countries." says Iwata, "Our challenge has always been, how can we deliver Pokemon games to people across the world at the same time? With this release, we've been able to overcome this challenge and release these titles to fans in the Americas, Europe, and Australia this October." Because of this, Pokemon X and Y will be experienced differently by people outside Japan; no longer will we endure months of anticipation by looking at screen caps of the game in a language we don't understand. It's still not clear though as to whether Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available on the same day.

Check out videos and screen caps (new pokemons!) of Pokemon X and Y after the jump:

First photo via gamesradar and screencaps via serebii, Video via  Pokemon's Youtube channel

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