New Years

Usually, I don't do any thing for New Year's Day (or go out at all; I'm a home body) but this year, I insisted I did. On previous years, I've either a) watch people on TV celebrate New Year's or b) read about it on people's facebook, twitter, etc. So I've decided I'd try. To try dressing up and to try something new and to try to have fun. People say to lower your expectations but the truth is, during these times, the highs are higher and the lows are lower. And for me, it could only get higher.

I wish I could document the events of the night to a tee because it was funnn. But that would mean I wasn't having fun. I can tell you that the night consisted of a series of events strung together haphazardly. A drunk girl got the people in the street car singing along to Teenage Dream; my friend lost a shoe; we danced our feelings away to Diamonds and J.Lo; we had a sparkler at some point; and a true sign of a good time: my friends discovered glitter in my hair. 

Then there was the unglamorous. Who slept on a makeshift bed made of coats? I did. Who killed their feet with heels? My friends did. Who got into an argument about eyebrows with hobos? We did. Who endured an over capacity street car participating in a sushi census? Apparently, everyone. And it all just meant, the night was the best.

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photos courtesy of Aleksandraa Holownia

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