American Apparel Toronto Warehouse Sale

This Friday, I decided to go check out American Apparel's Toronto Warehouse sale. As a brand with a big following with young adults alike this sale was an opportunity to stock up on cool well-made basics without breaking the bank. Here's my thoughts on the sale:

Held at the Direct Energy Centre at the Exhibition, this sale was massive. There were thousands of goodies divided by categories like pants, shirts, skirts, and accessories. Still, it was an organized chaos. As for someone who wanted to stock up on basic tees. digging was a must. Unfortunately, in the long rows of printed shirts (many of the Legalized LA/Gay style) no plain tees in whites and blacks could be found. Not to mention some had unpleasant yellow stains on them. What else wasn't there? Circle scarves and california fleece pullovers - the other things on my list.

So what can be found there? Tons of items. I found decent dress pants in neutral shades. Sportswear like hoodies (polka dotted only) and track jackets in different colours could be found as well. Simple double breasted cardigans and parkas could be found too. As for women, tons of tights, shiny pinstripe genie pants, shorts and skirts for bottoms. Even underwear. There are dresses, lace tops, tanks, turtle necks and raglans could be found.

As for accessories, belts, acrylic scarves, and pantyhouse were scattered everywhere. Nailpolish was there too. Same with a miscellaneous table of magazines, books, and CDs. There were also colourful suede pouches to be found. Tote bags, watches, and reusable water bottles can be spotted as well. Dog leashes, collars, and clothes to top it off for accessories.

  If you have kids, there is a small section for kids as well.

So the verdict? There's a massive selection so its worth checking especially if you have a tight shopping budget. Be prepared to sift through the racks and racks of clothes though. It's also a matter of luck with new shipment coming in constantly. Make sure you check every purchase for damages as everything is final sale. Take note that there are no change rooms so dress accordingly (tights and a tank) if you don't plan on giving a free show. If you're unsure of your choices, be mindful that there might be a price reduction on the last few days. If anything, its a good place to people watch as hipsters of all kinds (with a slight chance its Dov Cheney himself) come a flock in hopes to find a good deal.

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