Holiday Gift Guide: Pendleton Pendleton Oversized Jacquard Bath Towel

via refinery29
I don't know about you but I find it hard to find cool towels (and other toiletries for that matter). Walmart has polyester blends and department stores like Sears offers old fashioned. Maybe I'm missing the point and its not suppose to be fashionable as much as it is should be functional. That is until now. I saw these oversized towels by Pendleton at one of my hopeless visits to Urban Outfitters (I never find anything I like) and thought these are kind of genius. My favourites are the Chief Joseph, Jerome, and Big Thunder prints. The prints on these towels are vibrant and it really is a perfect canvas for Pendleton's prints. Also I easily itch that I can't even wear wool so I'm very selective but these are soft. It's not cashmere, but its soft. In this sense, this is a perfect gift for anyone looking for nifty gift ideas that are both practical and fashionable. Not to mention its under $50 for the best of both worlds.

If you're interested, like I am, you can also buy the blanket version here.

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