Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2012 Analysis

Three posts. That is how many posts I lasted without mentioning Alexander Wang. THREE. But its for a good reason. After months of anticipating and countless Google searching Alexander Wang finally released his latest collection, Pre-Fall 2012.

The collection is described as Trompe L'oeil, which means 'deceive the eye' in French. There are transparent shoes that look like stockings, playfully layered sheer sweaters, and my favorite, collar slits to put your hair through!

Let's talk about the slits for a second. If you read my blog, I have mentioned it feels like Alexander Wang designs for me and I love his reinterpretations on classic pieces. For the first time ever, I've been growing out my hair and constantly look for ways to style it. One of the ideas that I've liked is hair being tucked in to a collar (a la Burberry F/W 10, the shearling collection). The style is effortless and put together.

Alexander Wang has designed for me yet again. Collar slits is exactly the kind of playfulness I'm looking for in my clothes for right now.

The rest of the collection is also worth mentioning:

Updated Wang standards such as drape dresses and sporty outerwear were present. Harness hardware and pleats were also key details on basics such as peacoats and skirts.

With the exception of a few red pieces, the rest of collection is mainly black and grey. Shades appropriate for a pre-fall collection.

The styling is more work friendly but with a kinky undertone (harness and sheer), I am curious to see the continuation of this theme in the fall collection.

An honorable mention should also go out to this gratuitous croc jacket.

all photos via style

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