Trend: The Prairies

"As one of the stranger trends, the prairie dress have spread beyond the fashion world."

For Fall 2011, Miu Miu sent down models with hair strikingly similar to how Mormon women wear theirs. In the same season, Rodarte's collection was full of floor length dresses and conservative long coats in a muted pallette. Some dresses even had wheat crops printed on them.

As one of the stranger trends, the prairie dress continue to prove its lasting power having spread beyond the fashion world. Chloe Sevigny played a polygamous Mormon for five successful seasons on HBO's Big Love. While Katy Perry performed in the AMAs with a Mormon-like hairstyle and dress (questionable interpretation nonetheless).

Like I said it's a strange trend to see but only because its very forward thinking. The silhouette is new(sort of the continuation of the minimalist trend going on right now) and the hair by itself is sort of cool too. Taking references from something non-mainstream and making it work is interesting. The quiet energy and conservative feel it has is what I hope every one takes from this trend. Surely, we all know of a few girls that could benefit from a prairie dress.

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