Zara Knockoffs Givenchy

I saw this Zara shirt about a month ago and thought it was quite nice. It also looked familiar. The kind of familiar that bothers you day after the day because you've seen it before but can't remember exactly where. Well today I figured it out. While browsing the Menswear Fall 12 Collection and Givenchy's archive, I stumbled upon S/S 10(which is probably one of the best/recognizeable collections by Tisci) and this shirt. Immediately the Zara shirt popped into my head and just had to share it on JERRLIFE.

Although the resemblance is striking, the Zara shirt is still beautiful on its own (it's a different pattern up close) and its great to see that the Givenchy shirt from about 6-8 seasons ago still looks relevant today. And knockoff-worthy.

photos left: zara right: style

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